ASP support hospitals at Islamic Hajj with GLOSAIRTM technology

Following an outbreak of Corona Virus at Mecca last year where 42 pilgrims died, ASP acted by enabling the use of the GLOSAIRTM Automated Area Decontamination System in Saudi hospitals often overrun by the volume of pilgrims who travel to Mecca for the Hajj: the largest gathering of Muslim people in the world.

Advanced Sterilisation Products have become the first company to provide infection prevention support during the Islamic Hajj by enabling the use of the GLOSAIRTM technology at hospitals in Mecca.

As millions of Muslims descended on Mecca for the annual pilgrimage in October, ASP supported the purpose-built temporary hospitals, run by the Saudi ministry of health, by equipping them with GLOSAIRTM systems and providing training for hospital staff. The Hajj Project 2013 was born out of outbreak of Corona Virus from last year’s Hajj, where 84 pilgrims were stuck down with the infection and 42 of them died. The MOH took this incident very seriously and even issued a warning for high-risk pilgrims not to travel to Mecca.

Rather than deter people from an important event that every Muslim should complete at least once in their lifetime as a religious duty, ASP decided to help the situation. They distributed GLOSAIRTM systems, as well as STERRADTM systems to Mecca ten days before the Hajj, held daily contact with the Saudi Ministry of Health, and ran decontamination plans for each site before and after the pilgrimage.

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