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Exclusive accessories for STERRAD® Sterilization Systems

ASP recommends the use of accessories for the STERRAD® systems that have been specifically developed and validated for use in connection with the STERRAD® technology.

Our main accessories for the STERRAD® systems include:


STERRAD® CYCLE SURE® 24 organic indicator which indicates exposure to hydrogen peroxide by a distinct color change.

APTIMAX® Instrument Trays

Protect APTIMAX® instrument trays, medical devices safely

STERRAD® Chemical Indicator Strips and STERRAD® Seal Sure Chemical Indicator Tape

STERRAD® Chemical Indicator Strips STERRAD® and STERRAD® Seal Sure Chemical Indicator Tape , which change from red to yellow or gold and so show exposure to hydrogen peroxide.

TYVEK® Pouches and rolls

ASP - specific TYVEK® bags and rolls that display directly on the bag chemical exposure to hydrogen peroxide.

A complete list of STERRAD® consumables is only available in english.

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