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Reliable and cost-effective low-temperature sterilization solution

Proven performance for effective sterilization using ASP's original gas plasma technology STERRAD® 100S continues to be the system of choice for facilities looking for a proven, reliable, and cost-effective low-temperature sterilization solution:

  • It offers two cycle options:
    • 54-minute Short cycle for most surgical instruments
    • 72-minute Long cycle for flexible endoscopes and instruments with longer lumens
  • Simple installation and operation: No costly plumbing, ventilation, or monitoring required. Simplified cycle start requires one-button operation minimizing training requirements and enhancing ease of use.
  • Compatibility: STERRAD® 100S has proven claims for a wide range of materials/lumens and is capable of sterilizing rigid and flexible endoscopes, cameras, light cables, batteries, lenses, probes, microsurgical and general surgery instruments and many others.

Consult the STERRAD® Sterility Guide,, refer to the STERRAD® Sterilization System User's Guide or contact the medical device manufacturer for detailed processing information.a

Safety. Simplicity. Compatibility

ASP offers the STERRAD® 100S System, a proven cost-effective sterilization solution.

Safely and effectively sterilizes a wide range of instruments, including flexible endoscopes with lumens made from polyethylene or Teflon® and having an inside diameter of ≥ 1 mm and a length of ≤ 500 mm or an inside diameter of ≥ 1 mm and a length of > 500 mm but ≤ 2000 mm.

  • The sterilization process by-products are non-toxic oxygen and water vapor.
  • System requires only a 380-415 VAC outlet for installation and starts with the push of a button.
  • Listed on numerous medical devices' instructions for use and widely approved as the recommended low-temperature hydrogen peroxide sterilizer. Please consult with for more detailed information.

STERRAD® 100S System Specifications

Technical Specifications
Total Cycle Time Short Cycle 54 minutes
Long cycle 72 minutes
Cycle Temperature Less than 55°C
Dimensions and Weight
Height 1664 mm
Width 7625 mm
Depth 1046 mm
Weight 350 kg
Sterilization Chamber
Configuration Circular
Chamber volume 173 L *
Shelf Dimensions Upper shelf:700 mm x 425 mm
Lower shelf: 760 mm x 325 mm
Installation and Electrical Requirements
Placement Freestanding with built-in wheels for mobility
Connections 380-415 VAC, 50 Hz , 10 A, 3-phase circuit with separate neutral and ground conductors. CBA phase rotation
Service Requirements In operation, the STERRAD® 100S System should not be placed closer than 5 cm to a wall at the rear and/or sides of the system. The sterilizer should be installed in a space of sufficient size to permit access to all 4 sides of the system when it is rolled from the rear and/or side walls a distance of 3 m. Service access requires a minimum clearance of 1 m on all sides of the system. The power receptacle should be positioned 30.5 cm to 61 cm above the floor.
Operational Environment
Temperature 10°C to 40°C
Humidity 30-75% relative humidity (non-condensing)

*Please contact your ASP representative to determine maximum capacity based on your facility's particular sterilization load configuration(s).

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