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Proven performance for cost-effective sterilization using ASP's original gas plasma technology STERRAD®
100S continues to be the system of choice for facilities looking for a proven, reliable, and cost-effective
low-temperature sterilization solution:

  • It offers two cycle options:
  • 54-minute Short cycle for most surgical instruments
  • 72-minute Long cycle for flexible endoscopes and instruments with longer lumens
  • Simple installation and operation: No costly plumbing, ventilation, or monitoring required.
    Simplified cycle start requires one-button operation minimizing training requirements and enhancing ease of use.
  • Compatibility: STERRAD® 100S has proven claims for a wide range of materials/lumens and is capable of sterilizing
    rigid and flexible endoscopes, cameras, light cables, batteries, lenses, probes, microsurgical and general
    surgery instruments and many others.
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STERRAD® 100S System Instrument Processing Guidelines
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STERRAD® NX® Sterilization System White Paper
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