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Frequently Asked Questions

The following list represents the most frequently asked questions about the STERRAD 200 GMP Sterilization System. For more information, please contact an ASP Customer Support representative at 888-STERRAD or send an email to

  1. How does the STERRAD System compare with other systems in the breadth of devices sterilized?
    The STERRAD System is compatible with a broad range of medical devices and materials. ASP sterilization experts will perform up-front product feasibility studies at no charge to help determine if a STERRAD System is right for you.

  2. How do STERRAD System cycle times compare with those of other systems?
    STERRAD offers complete sterilization in about 2-3 hours for most products (compared to 6-12 hours with EtO), making it a cost-effective low-temperature sterilization system.

  3. Is the STERRAD System safe for users?
    Yes, the STERRAD System is safe for workers and customers (unlike EtO, a known carcinogen, which poses a risk to employees). The STERRAD System uses hydrogen peroxide, a proven sterilant that is not carcinogenic or mutagenic. Additionally, no special containment, shielding, or monitoring capabilities are needed to protect workers.

  4. Is the STERRAD System environmentally safe?
    Yes, the STERRAD System is environmentally safe, now and in the future (unlike other technologies, which require numerous environmental safety protocols).

  5. Does the STERRAD System facilitate governmental compliance?
    Monitoring is not required with the STERRAD System, unlike other technologies, which incur considerable expense complying with governmental regulations.

  6. Is the STERRAD System easily installed?
    Yes, the STERRAD System is easily installed with simple plug-in use and only a 208-volts outlet, 15 amps, 50-60 Hz (unlike other technologies, which may require special plumbing, drainage, safety, ventilation, containment, and installation requirements).

  7. Can the STERRAD System help me reduce my inventory?
    Yes, the STERRAD System offers fast cycle times (2-3 hours), making existing inventory more readily available (unlike EtO, which requires additional aeration time).

  8. Is the STERRAD System cost-effective to run?
    Yes, the STERRAD System offers a low cost per cubic foot. Depending on load configuration, the STERRAD System can cost as low as $30 per cycle.

  9. How does the STERRAD System work?
    The technology behind STERRAD System is based on hydrogen peroxide gas plasma which rapidly sterilizes medical devices without leaving toxic residue.

  10. How do I operate a STERRAD System?
    The STERRAD System offers simple, one-button operation with intuitive touch screen controls and easy-to-follow graphical prompts and instructions.

  11. Why would I choose the STERRAD 200 GMP System?
    The STERRAD 200 GMP System facilitates rapid and cost effective sterilization. Its programmable cycle time is faster than a single EtO cycle, which means medical devices are sterilized and ready for distribution, eliminating the need for duplicate inventories. An ASP representative is available to help you identify how the STERRAD System will generate the greatest return for your investment. Please call 888-STERRAD for more information.

  12. What devices and materials can I sterilize in a STERRAD 200 GMP System?
    The STERRAD 200 GMP System offers superior materials compatibility with most metal and nonmetal devices including fiberoptic, electronic, and microsurgical devices as well as medical devices sensitive to heat and moisture. To find out which devices and materials are compatible with the STERRAD 200 GMP System, contact an ASP Customer Support representative at 888-STERRAD.

  13. What advantages does the STERRAD System offer over steam and EtO systems?
    The STERRAD System provides multiple advantages over steam and EtO systems. Using dry, low-temperature, gas plasma technology, the STERRAD System provides a faster cycle time compared to EtO. Additionally, the STERRAD System sterilizes both heat-stable and heat-sensitive and moisture-sensitive devices. Optimized speed and versatility increase the availability of just in time products.

    Importantly, the STERRAD System does not produce harmful by-products, eliminating the need for aeration and ventilation. This makes the STERRAD System safer for both operators and the environment.

  14. Can the STERRAD System be used to sterilize devices typically sterilized with steam or EtO?
    Yes. In fact, the STERRAD System can be used to sterilize a wide range of devices, including those sensitive to heat and/or moisture. The STERRAD System achieves a 10-6 SAL (Sterility Assurance Level) for packaged instruments.

  15. What kind of technical support do I get with a STERRAD 200 GMP System?
    ASP offers responsive technical support 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year. Knowledgeable technical support representatives will work quickly to identify and resolve your technical issues. For technical support, please call 888-STERRAD. STERRAD System customers may also participate in the ASP ALLIANCE Service Program, one of the industry's most comprehensive maintenance and technical-support programs.

  16. How do I order a STERRAD 200 GMP System?
    The STERRAD 200 GMP System may be ordered from your local ASP representative. To locate your local ASP representative, please call 888-STERRAD or e-mail ASP Customer Support at STERRAD System supplies may be ordered online or from your local representative.

  17. What is ASP's shipping policy for STERRAD System and supplies?
    STERRAD CycleSure Biological Indicator 00-14324-3-001: Lead time 7 business days
    STERRAD Industrial Biological Indicator 00-14324-0-001: Lead time 7 business days
    STERRAD Bulk Hydrogen Peroxide Bottle 10116: Lead time 7 business days, 7-10 business days for delivery

    STERRAD GMP Systems are shipped within 3 months of the order date. STERRAD Systems are shipped by ground transport.

    All other product codes are shipped with a delivery date of 5 business days from receipt of order. Priority One (P1) shipment via FedEx is available for all products for a $50.00 expediting fee. Second Day (P2) shipment via FedEx is available for all products for a $25.00 expediting fee. ASP covers the standard freight charges on consumable and supply orders.




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