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The fastest, safest, most cost effective GMP sterilization solution

The STERRAD 200 GMP Sterilization System is designed to provide you maximum flexibility to achieve a fast and safe sterilization process. Using Advanced Sterilization Products proven hydrogen peroxide gas plasma technology, the STERRAD 200 GMP System provides dry, low-temperature sterilization for both heat-stable and heat- and moisture-sensitive devices in a single system allowing you to have critical devices available for just in time delivery to your customer. The STERRAD 200 GMP System not only increases productivity and capacity, but also eliminates the costs associated with warehousing, accumulation of work in progress, inventory, sterilization services associated sterilization cost, ventilation, and instrument repair.

A fast and safe sterilization process means leaner production processes.

  • Rapid custom cycle time facilitates the processing of medical devices in your facility, and in concert with your production line. Therefore, saving sterilization service charges, transportation, queue time and most importantly inventory reduction.
  • Faster cycle times make the STERRAD 200 GMP System most productive low-temperature sterilization system in the world.

Multiple efficiencies enhance overall cost-effectiveness.

  • Processed medical devices can be delivered to your customer within 48 hours, minimizing your product inventory.
  • Gentle system, compatible with high technology and sensitive to high temperature and moisture.
  • Completely eliminates dependency on external sterilization service, returning control of your production were it belongs — in your facility.

Quick installation reduces costs.

  • Double door configuration for pass through operation.
  • System installation requires nothing more than a dedicated 3 phase 208V outlet.
  • No costly plumbing, no special ventilation or monitors are required.

One-button operation increases user productivity.

  • Simplified cycle start requires the touch of one button.
  • User-friendly graphical display indicates cycle stage and elapsed time.
  • Minimized training requirements enhance ease-of-use.

Safety features protect both users and the environment.

  • Process by-products are water and oxygen, eliminating the need for aeration or ventilation.
  • Low-temperature hydrogen peroxide gas plasma is nontoxic and noncarcinogenic to staff and patients.

cGMP compliant

  • The system can be fully calibrated/verified in compliance to cGMP guidelines.
  • Flexible software facilitates validation process.
  • IQ/OQ/PQ service and/or protocols available.
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliant

Up-front product screening

ASP offers up-front screening and testing of your product for more confident decision-making.

Choosing a sterilization technology is an important decision. Which is why we help you make the wisest decision with comprehensive screening and testing of your products. While the STERRAD System is compatible with a broad range of medical devices and materials, ASP experts will perform up-front compatibility and efficacy studies at no charge to make sure the STERRAD System is right for you. This kind of confidence makes it easier to choose a sterilization technology from ASP. It's the reason that thousands of customers already have.

Discover what else makes the STERRAD 200 GMP System the wisest choice for rapid, cost-effective sterilization. For more information, contact 888-STERRAD or e-mail ASP Customer Support at


STERRAD 200 GMP Sterilization System
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