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STERRAD Low-Temperature Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Plasma Sterilization

Once or twice in a century, a technology is introduced that profoundly transforms the future of its industry. STERRAD Sterilization is such a technology, changing the way medical sterilization is done by offering unique economical and environmental benefits. Our patented, low-temperature hydrogen peroxide gas plasma technology is faster, safer, and friendlier to the environment than other low-temperature terminal sterilization processes used today.

The STERRAD System Story

Recognizing that traditional methods of sterilizing medical devices, such as ethylene oxide gas (EtO) and steam, had a number of limitations, Johnson & Johnson researchers sought to develop an alternative sterilization technology that was fast, effective, economical, and safe for both workers and the environment.

The result of these efforts was a breakthrough in the field of medical device sterilization—a unique sterilizer based upon a patented process involving the generation of low-temperature hydrogen peroxide gas plasma sterilization system. This new technology formed the basis for ASP's revolutionary STERRAD Sterilization System.

In 1993, the STERRAD Technology received clearance and was introduced into the United States. It is now available in more than 60 countries throughout the world with over 6,000 units sold, making it the world's fastest growing sterilization technology.

Completing an entire sterilization cycle in 2-3 hours, the STERRAD System requires no special ventilation or aeration and leaves no toxic residue. Its broad compatibility profile and cost effectiveness make the STERRAD System ideal for scientific and industrial applications.