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Introducing the OR Solution from ASP

Safely achieve sterilization in the OR.

ASP is pleased to offer you everything you need to optimize
terminal sterilization in your operating room (OR).

Process Solution

The combination of ASP’s compact and fast STERRAD® NX™ Sterilization System, ASP’s strong relationship with key Medical Device Manufacturers (MDMs) and innovative packaging solutions, such as APTIMAX® Instrument Trays, closed containers and pouches, provide you with an optimized solution to streamline sterilization in your fast-paced operating room.

Sterility Assurance

ASP’s STERRAD® Sterility Guide is an easy-to-use, online tool available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is designed to provide STERRAD® System customers with a list of devices that fall within the cleared sterility claims. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can quickly determine if a device can be sterilized in a STERRAD® System. Check it out at STERRAD® Sterility Guide.

Close Relationships with MDMs: ASP works closely with the leading medical device manufacturers to validate sterility claims. Please contact your MDM directly to ensure the STERRAD® NX™ System will properly sterilize your device. For MDM contact assistance, please visit

Education and Service

ASP offers excellent service and support options to help ensure that your facility operates with maximum uptime and predictability. Our highly skilled team of field service engineers and dedicated technical support staff is available to answer your questions and ensure your facility operates efficiently at all times. In addition, ASP’s licensed clinical professionals can help you quickly transition to the ASP OR Solution by providing thoughtful guidance on the processing steps required to terminally sterilize with the STERRAD® NX™ System and the innovative packaging solutions we offer.

Financial Options

ASP offers attractive financing solutions, such as the ASP Alternatives Promotion which provides a $6000 discount off the price of a STERRAD® NX™ System when you turn in a *STERIS System 1, and attractive leasing options to help you obtain the OR Solution your patients and staff deserve.

*STERIS is a registered trademark of the STERIS Corporation


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