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It speaks volumes.

The new high-capacity STERRAD 200 Sterilization System is designed especially for healthcare facilities with high-volume needs. It employs our proven hydrogen peroxide gas plasma technology. In addition, it features a larger chamber that can process 150L in just 75 minutes, versus 16 hours with EtO, for optimal instrument throughput. The STERRAD 200 System is ideal for processing general surgical instruments, including moisture- and heat-sensitive devices. And it has many exciting features that can increase productivity, efficiency, and ease of use.

1. Combination of capacity and speed is unparalleled.

  • High-capacity chamber (150L) processes more devices per cycle.
  • 75-minute cycle time provides fast turnaround and eliminates the need for duplicate inventories.

2. Instrument compatibility enhances overall cost-effectiveness.

  • System is gentler on delicate instruments than steam or peracetic acid, resulting in decreased instrument damage and lower repair costs.
  • Maximized instrument use reduces expensive inventories and eliminates the need for outsourcing.

3. Advanced features increase operating ease, security, and network connectivity.

  • Easy-to-read, color-coded touch screen makes system easy to operate.
  • System security limits access to authorized individuals only.
  • Flexible configurations include single-door freestanding or single- and double-door in-wall options.
  • Reliable instrument tracking with barcode reader option helps monitor instruments within the cycle and archive their histories electronically.

4. Safety features protect patients, users, and the environment.

  • Hydrogen peroxide residuals are nontoxic and noncarcinogenic.
  • Process by-products are water and oxygen, eliminating the need for aeration or ventilation.

With its speed, capacity, and optimal productivity, the STERRAD 200 speaks volumes in high-capacity, cost-effective sterilization. For more information, contact ASP Customer Support at 888-STERRAD or email


STERRAD® 200 Sterilization System
Download the following:
STERRAD® 200 Datasheet
STERRAD® 200 Installation Requirements
STERRAD® 200 Instrument Processing Guidelines