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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What technology does the STERRAD 200 System employ?
    The STERRAD 200 System employs state-of-the-art hydrogen peroxide gas plasma technology that rapidly sterilizes medical instruments without leaving toxic residues. It is ideal for processing heat- and moisture-sensitive instruments and devices.

  2. What are the installation requirements for a STERRAD 200 System?
    STERRAD Systems do not require a water source, heat booster, or ventilation for installation. The STERRAD 200 System runs on a 208 VAC, 20 Amps, 60 Hz electrical outlet.

  3. What devices and materials can be sterilized in a STERRAD 200 System?
    The STERRAD 200 System offers superior material compatibility with most metal and nonmetal devices including fiberoptic, electronic, powered, and microsurgical devices, as well as medical instruments sensitive to heat and moisture.

  4. How many cycles does each STERRAD 200 cassette contain?
    The STERRAD 200 cassette contains enough hydrogen peroxide to support two cycles. One case holds five cassettes and is air-shippable.

  5. How does network connectivity work with the STERRAD 200 System?
    The STERRAD 200 System has an Ethernet port which, in combination with the STERRAD 200 System software, allows the user to transmit sterilizer cycle data from the sterilizer to a networked computer or computer system.

  6. What measures were taken to assure safe hydrogen peroxide levels in the air around the sterilizer?
    Engineers at Advanced Sterilization Products conducted measurements of hydrogen peroxide concentration in the air around the sterilizer, during a normal cycle. The results are below 0.20 ppm on an 8-hour time-weighted average. This is 5 times less than OSHA requirements.

  7. Why should a healthcare facility choose a STERRAD 200 System?
    The STERRAD 200 System features a large, 5.3 ft3 (150 liter) chamber that can process instruments in just 75 minutes. This system is ideal for processing general surgical instrumentation as well as moisture- and heat-sensitive devices. An ASP representative is available to help identify how the STERRAD 200 System can further increase the efficiency and productivity in a healthcare facility.

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STERRAD® 200 Sterilization System
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STERRAD® 200 Installation Requirements
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