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An extraordinarily versatile performer.

Announcing the latest advancement in low-temperature hydrogen peroxide gas plasma sterilization—the STERRAD® 100NX™ System, brought to you by the makers of the #1 brand of low temperature sterilization systems in sterile processing*. It has the versatility to sterilize a wide range of instruments including single-channel flexible endoscopes and semi-rigid ureteroscopes. Its speed and enlarged, rectangular chamber capacity help you turn around a greater number of caseloads. And it comes with our proven hydrogen peroxide gas plasma technology that’s gentle on both moisture- and heat-sensitive devices. The STERRAD® 100NX™ System—it’s your centerpiece for next generation sterilization.


  • Sterilizes a wide range of general surgical instruments plus single-channel flexible endoscopes and semi-rigid uretoroscopes
    Expanded lumen capacity claims allow for processing single-channel, stainless steel lumens with an inside diameter of >0.7 mm and a length of up to 500 mm plus single-channel polyethylene and Teflon® flexible endoscopes with an inside diameter of >1 mm and a length of up to 850 mm†


  • Shorter cycle times increase throughput and efficiency
    Cycle time of 47 minutes for most surgical instruments and 42 minutes for up to 2 single-channel flexible endoscopes (in 1 cycle) in an enlarged, rectangular chamber


  • Safe for patients, staff, and the environment
    Hydrogen peroxide residuals are non-toxic and noncarcinogenic. Process by-products are simply water vapor and oxygen

* Data on file, ASP
† Please refer to the printed piece, What Can I Sterilize in the STERRAD® 100NX™ Sterilizer?
or to the STERRAD® 100NX™ System User’s Guide for detailed sterilizer claims information.

Download the following:
100NX™ Datasheet
100NX™ Installation Requirements and Product Specifications
What Can I Sterilize in the STERRAD 100NX™ Sterilizer?