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The EVOTECH® System offers complete confidence that endoscope reprocessing is safe, fast, and consistent each time through a systematic process including proprietary solutions and computer tracking of all cycle parameters.


Stage 1: Leak Test
The endoscope is tested for gross leaks before introducing the liquid. When the system has established that the endoscope is intact, the reprocessing begins.
Stage 2: Pre-Rinse
Filtered, bacteria-free water is pumped through each of the endoscope channels using a distinct pump.
Stage 3: Wash
The CIDEZYME® GI enzymatic detergent solution is pumped through the endoscope channels by individual channel pumps and circulated over the surface of the endoscope via the rotating spray arm to remove bioburden and clean the scope without brushes.
Stage 4: Rinse
CIDEZYME® GI solution is rinsed from the endoscope surface and channels using filtered water.
Stage 5: Disinfect
High-level disinfection is achieved by exposing all endoscope channels and external surfaces to a single shot of CIDEX® OPA Concentrate Solution. During the disinfection stage, the Minimum Effective Concentration of the disinfectant is automatically measured.
Stage 6: Final Rinses
Filtered bacteria-free water is pumped through the endoscope channels to remove CIDEX® OPA•C.
Stage 7: Alcohol Flush
70% isopropyl alcohol is flushed through the endoscope channels prior to cycle completion to promote drying.
Stage 8: Leak Test
A final leak test is repeated prior to the end of the cycle to identify leaks that may have been missed in the manual process. The EVOTECH® System maintains positive pressure to protect scopes from damage due to fluid invasion.
Cycle Monitoring
Complete monitoring of critical cycle parameters to ensure compliance throughout the process including MEC, block detection, temperature, pressure and time checks the concentration of the diluted single shot "in-use" CIDEX® OPA Concentrate solution.
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EVOTECH® Installation Requirements and Product Specifications

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