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Experience the benefits of the CLEANASCOPE System

Clean. Safe. Secure. And Ready at a Moment's Notice.

The CLEANASCOPE System provides a high
level of standardization for the processing of
endoscopes and other delicate equipment.

Experience the Benefits

Designed to Promote Safety and Improve
Efficiency of the Endoscope Processing Cycle

  • Reduces risk of equipment cross-contamination.
  • Quickly identifies clean versus contaminated endoscopes.
  • Improves efficiency of the endoscope processing cycle.
  • Reusable trays guard against costly equipment damage.

The CLEANASCOPE System can be used in combination
with manual and automated reprocessing systems. It comes
in four different versions: 2 tray, 5 tray, 6 tray and 10 tray.


Download the following:
Endoscope Transport and Handling Article