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Proteolytic enzyme effectively eliminates organic matter.

Fast-acting and gentle, ENZOL Enzymatic Detergent presoak-plus-cleanser allows instruments to be thoroughly cleaned before they are high level disinfected or sterilized. The proteolytic enzyme in ENZOL Enzymatic Detergent effectively penetrates and lifts off tough, dried-on, hard-to-reach organic matter. Specially formulated for endoscopes and general medical equipment, ENZOL Enzymatic Detergent can be easily used anywhere instruments are processed, including GI labs, operating rooms, central supply, OB/GYN offices, outpatient surgery centers, and physician offices. ENZOL Enzymatic Detergent makes it easy to meet the highest standards for instrument cleanliness prior to high level disinfection or sterilization.

Rapid action provides rapid results.

  • With fast-acting ENZOL Enzymatic Detergent, results begin in just 1 minute.

Room-temperature efficacy streamlines processing.

  • ENZOL Enzymatic Detergent is effective at room temperature, eliminating the need for hot water.
  • Easy to rinse detergent does not leave film on instruments or clog scopes.
  • Separate, premeasured pump allows easy dispensing.
  • Low-foaming feature facilitates use in multiple systems including automatic endoscope reprocessors, ultrasonic cleaners, and washer decontaminators according to manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Gently removes organic matter from a wide range of instruments.
  • Mild pH reduces risk of instrument damage.

Mechanical cleaning improves user safety.

  • Reduced need for mechanical cleaning reduces unnecessary exposure to contaminated equipment.
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