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Advanced water filtration system assures quality control.

The optional ASP Water Filtration System makes it easier to meet published water quality standards for endoscope reprocessing.* Designed specifically for use with the ASP AER, the stand-alone water filtration system reduces pyrogens and provides bacteria-free rinsing water for endoscope reprocessing. A unique hollow-fiber water filter extends filter life and minimizes operational costs. Additional system features include:

  • 1 micron (or 1µ) filter for removal of particulate matter.
  • 0.2 micron (or 0.2µ) filter for removal of bacteria from water without compromising flow rates.

The ASP Water Filtration System can be ordered online or from your ASP representative. For additional information, please call ASP Customer Support at 888-783-7723 or email

Description Quantity/Case Part #
Water Filtration System 1/case 20302
Microfiber Filter Cartridge (1.0 micron) 30/case 20303
Hollow Fiber Filter with O-ring (0.2 micron) 1/case 20304
Water Filtration System Operator’s Manual 1 99600

*American Society for Testing and Materials, Standard #F1518: “The Practice of Cleaning and Disinfection of Flexible and Video Endoscopes Used in Examination of Hollow Viscera,” ASTM; Philadelphia, PA; 1994.