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ASP AER Frequently Asked Questions

The following list represents the most frequently asked questions about the ASP AER. For additional information, please contact ASP Customer Support at 888-783-7723 or email

  1. What is an automated endoscope reprocessor (AER)?
    An ASP AER is a fully automated system designed to clean and disinfect flexible endoscopes. The ASP AER with printer provides a safe, convenient working environment, freeing staff for other clinical responsibilities. The system can simultaneously process 2 endoscopes at the touch of button. Complete perfusion occurs through 6 separate endoscope channel connectors, and an advanced thermostat-controlled heater assures appropriate disinfectant temperature. The hydrodynamic spray tower and built-in air compressor provide thorough cleaning and drying of endoscope lumens (channels).

  2. What are the compatibility characteristics of the ASP AER?
    Self-contained and compatible with all major brands of flexible endoscopes as well as established protocols for endoscope reprocessing, the ASP AER can be run with a variety of liquid disinfectants including CIDEX OPA Solution.

  3. What are the installation requirements for the ASP AER?
    The ASP AER is a portable, self-contained system that that can be easily installed using common water and drain connections. The unit requires a grounded 20 amp wall receptacle.

  4. What is the ASP Water Filtration System?
    The optional ASP Water Filtration System is designed to assist users in meeting published water quality standards for endoscope reprocessing. The system’s 1.0 micron and 0.2 micron filters reduce pyrogens and provide bacteria-free rinsing water for endoscope reprocessing.

  5. What kind of technical support does ASP provide?
    ASP offers responsive technical support 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 52 weeks/year. Knowledgeable technical support representatives will work quickly to identify and resolve all technical issues. For technical support, please call ASP Customer Support at 888-783-7723 or email

  6. How do I order an ASP AER, supplies, and accessories?
  • The ASP AER can be ordered from your ASP representative.
  • The ASP Water Filtration System can be ordered from your ASP representative or online.
  • ASP AER supplies and accessories can be ordered through ASP Customer Support at 888-783-7723, by email at or online.
  • To order from the CIDEX Family of Products, or to order ENZOL Enzymatic Detergent, please contact your local distributor.

For additional information, please call ASP Customer Support at 888-783-7723 or email

Download the following:
Automatic Endoscope Reprocessor (AER) Datasheet