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Convenience without compromise in an automatic endoscope reprocessor.

The ASP Automatic Endoscope Reprocessor (AER) with printer is a simple-to-use, fully automated flexible endoscope reprocessing system that provides a safe, convenient working environment. An expanded basin provides sufficient depth for complete submersion and simultaneous processing of 2 flexible endoscopes with less coiling—and less damage—of delicate instruments. Self-contained and compatible with all major brands of flexible endoscopes as well as established protocols for endoscope reprocessing, the AER incorporates a hydrodynamic spray tower and built-in air compressor that provide thorough cleaning and drying of endoscope lumens.

Automated for safety and convenience, the AER frees staff for other clinical responsibilities. Exposure to endoscope processing solutions is minimized, user-friendly codes identify cycle process failures, cycle selections lock in to avoid accidental setting changes, and a safety interface shuts down the system if lid is raised during operation. What’s more, a digital display control panel displays each stage of the processing cycle as well as the time remaining and identification codes.

Cost-effective, automated system protects delicate instruments.

  • Complete perfusion occurs through 6 separate endoscope channel connectors.
  • Advanced thermostat-controlled heater assures appropriate disinfectant temperature.
  • Optional stand-alone water filtration system reduces pyrogens and provides bacteria-free rinse water; unique hollow fiber water filter technology extends filter life to minimize costs.
  • Compatible with CIDEX OPA Solution for rapid, cost-effective, glutaraldehyde-free disinfection.

Portability enhances system utility and convenience.

  • Self-contained unit requires only a grounded 20 amp wall receptacle, water supply, and drain.
  • Back-up battery maintains all timer and cycle settings in case of power failure.

Multiple forms of cycle documentation assure accurate records.

  • Provides electronic display of cycle status and paper copy of cycle summary.
    - Electronic identification display indicates status of complete cycles.
    - Paper documentation creates a cycle summary for permanent records.
Download the following:
Automatic Endoscope Reprocessor (AER) Datasheet