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ASP keeps pace with the challenges you face.

The constant challenges of today's healthcare environment make it more important than ever for hospitals and healthcare facilities to focus on ways to provide high-quality, cost-effective care. ASP, a Johnson & Johnson company, has responded to these challenges with innovative instrument processing technologies and systems designed to deliver quality without compromise. STERRAD Sterilization Systems, the CIDEX Family of Products, ENZOL Enzymatic Detergent, and the ASP Automatic Endoscope Reprocessor (AER) offer multiple advantages including:

  • High level disinfection and sterilization of instruments and medical devices.
  • Rapid cycles with increased inventory availability.
  • Cost-efficiencies associated with increased productivity and capacity.
  • Increased safety for patients and healthcare workers without environmental risks.
  • Significant reduction in instrument damage and repair costs.
  • An industry leader in service and support.

All ASP STERRAD® and CIDEX® brand products are proven, through testing, to be effective against influenza virus.

We invite you to explore the comprehensive range of products and services designed to address current challenges without causing new ones. For more information, or to be put in touch with your local ASP representative, please call ASP Customer Support at 888-783-7723 or email